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Women’s Day Essentials

Jewellery, a statement piece that women are never tired of, whether you receive it as a gift or you buy a self love pinky ring, it is always in fashion and loved. A lot of women relate their jewellery pieces to a symbol of belonging, confidence, independence etc. So this women’s Day I have listed few everyday pieces from different price ranges that can help your wardrobe shine and elevate your confidence.

But first, points to keep in mind while buying your jewellery pieces:

1. Pick pieces that match your skin tone: If you’ve got a warmer skin tone, you will probably be better off choosing metals, gems, and stones in earthy colours. Those with light skin tones would be better matched with bright-toned gems and stones that are set into white-gold or silver backs.

2. Don’t go with the trends: While some of the trends can be great to follow, sticking with one that doesn’t make you feel comfortable is the quickest way to deplete any self-confidence you do have. Pick pieces that you like and are naturally drawn to in order to keep your confidence levels up.

3. Wear jewellery that means something: Wearing symbolic jewellery is a great way to make yourself feel more confident. Simply wearing something that a loved one has given you can be enough to make you feel more positive and gear you up for tackling the day ahead. Or wearing something that you bought on one of your achievements, helps in boosting your confidence.

In short, I strongly believe that you should never underestimate the power of your jewellery.

Few of my top picks:

Jewellery: Atelier Mon (ring, earrings and bracelet)

All Jewellery: Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewels

All Jewellery: Vikas Chain & Jewellery

*jewellers understand the power of self-love and hence can redesign any ring to fit on your pinky finger to depict self-love

Celebridey Highlights:

· Every woman deserves love

· A statement jewellery piece is a great confidence booster

· Jewellery is evergreen

· A girl can never have enough jewels

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