Wedding Trends 2020

The arrival of the new year and a new decade brings the possibilities of new trends and a fresh take on celebrations. Over the last few years, modern Indian weddings have become less about big fat Bollywood-style extravaganzas and more about choosing your own escapade. So this year, I have curated a list of the wedding trends that you should watch out for in 2020.

1) Sustainability: Sustainability is top of the line for a lot of 2020 couples. It shouldn’t be considered a trend, but more and more couples today are mindful of the impact their wedding celebrations can have on the environment and are making choices to have a more sustainable celebration. Talking about sustainability, Zomato Feeding India is one such organization that helps you donate left over food from the wedding and other events to the needy and underprivileged. As much as we like having variety in food at our events, we hate seeing all that left over food go to waste. The organization is currently operational is 16-17 cities all over India and they pick up the food from your event and deliver it to the required place so its absolutely hassle free for you as well.

2) Micro Weddings: This trend is beginning to find favor with those who have a desire for keeping it intimate, no time to plan something complex, or wanting something really meaningful and personal in a destination away from home. When we talk about destination weddings, it is a trend that has been picking up in India since couple of years now. But in this new decade, the couples are looking for new locations. In short, couples are viewing the world as their oyster when planning weddings for the next decade. Choose the spot on the globe that means the most to you as a couple or your family, or that you've always dreamed of traveling to tie the knot.

3) Outfits: In one phrase – less is no more, but more-is-more approach is what’s taking the front ground. 2020 is the year of the maximalists. Think fancy feathers, tiers, layers, ruffles, sparkle and bustle. This year promises brides who don't play it safe, and choose bold shapes, color, prints, lengths, sleeves, and more that are sure to stun in all the right ways.

Designers such as Amit Agarwal, Tarun Tahiliani and Falguni Shane Peacock have served us ample inspiration for creating a voluminous bridal look with their eclectic pieces of art. Another element noticed on the runway this year - Flower Power. This trend just gets bigger and better, season after season. The dynamo designers such as Tarun Tahiliani, Suneet Verma, Rahul Mishra and Shyamal & Bhumika are writing stories of modern luxury and craftsmanship with intricate flower embellishments and embroideries. Blazer on lehenga is another thing we spotted in Abu Jani’s collection this year, definitely a trend that is here to stay.

Go Bold or Go Home’ approach reins the veils this season. Supersize your veils or make them statement veils by incorporating meaningful messages or leave it out completely – there is nothing in between.

4) Hairstyles + Makeup: Brides are loving loose hair trend over buns this year. Dewy skin makeup, bold lips in new colours or newer nudes like pop of champagne in glossy effect instead of matte are making heads turn. If you are a sucker for eye makeup then opt for metallic eyes or bold eyebrows.

5) E- invites: The fancy big invitation cards and boxes are not a trend this year. No matter how much we try to make that box a reusability item, most of them land up either in our trashcans or lying in the deep back end of our storage cupboards. Again moving towards the eco-friendly aspect, E-invites will be hitting the market. So save all that money and throw it in the other aspects of the wedding for a fancier effect.

6) Flowers: Unexpected decor elements like pampas grass and wheat are replacing fresh blooms in the floral installations at weddings. Their soft, wispy quality adds instant texture to both wild Boho weddings and luxe romantic affairs. Wild floral fare, greens of all hues, and even dry flowers are giving a new meaning to eco-friendly and sustainable weddings. Settle on your style first and then find a way to add a serious pop to your celebration. Color is one of our favorite 2020 wedding trends. Expect to see a lot of neo mint, a.k.a. the new millennial pink; cassis, not quite pink, not quite purple; yellow, a mellow, rich hue with earthy undertones; and faded denim, a blue that equally fresh and serene. In terms of décor, Blue is having a moment but not on its own. Moroccan blues, Turkish tiles, and Jaipur indigos are coming back with a bang. That means more earthy ideas and old-world charm.

7) Edible Flowers: Expect to see a lot of edible flowers maybe frozen in ice-cubes, tossed in salads, sprinkled on tops of dessert, or even your wedding cake flowers can be edible instead of fondant flowers – all in all edible flowers are a big wedding reception trend for 2020. This pretty extra is an easy way to elevate virtually anything from infused water to classic vanilla cake.

8) Table Remix: instead of only ten-top rounds or a long farmhouse table, opt for more artful settings. Winding tables—multiple tables pushed together to create a design—add an extra element to reception layout.

9) Photo booth: In 2020, expect more of an artful take on this after-party activity, with high-style portrait sessions or Kardashian inspired photo booths. An automatic click-to-shoot experience is another trending idea keeping feasibility in mind.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Experiment with your look

· Ensure all your looks have a nice flow which changing from one event to another

· Newer décor and flower textures will add a romantic affair to the venue

· Go bold or go home

· Zero waste policy helps us move towards a more eco friendly celebration

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