Wedding Jewelry - Just an Accessory?

Decisions, Decisions, And Decisions! Decision of getting married, decision on the guy, decision on the wedding dates, decision taken after the fight on the never-ending wedding preparations, decision on the wedding lehenga and yes also decision on the wedding jewelry! At some point, we have all wished that this lovely romantic courtship (as they call it) could sometimes just be fast-forwarded to the wedding date already. Yes, we have all thought of it, so girls live guilt-free!

Jewelry is the only accessory at the wedding that you carry to complete your look. Since our kindergarten days, we have always seen our moms carry their jewels in an impeccable manner. But have we ever tried to do the same? Well, carrying my luxury items in an impeccable manner should count as a starting point. In fact as young girls we don’t buy a lot of jewelry for ourselves as we are still quite absorbed in the latest bag collection from Fendi, however, we start building our jewelry collection once we are engaged. Hence, with little to no experience, you now walk into the phase of collecting Jewelry in your life. Congratulations, you have a new best friend – hello diamonds!

Here are my main points of consideration that I kept in mind while buying my Jewelry:

1. Versatility: I have emphasized on this point various times in my blogs. For me, the versatility of my Jewels is very important. As they are a cherished treasure, I ensure that every piece of Jewelry that I buy must have a way to be re-worn with other outfits.

2. Variety: While a girl loves her diamonds, I can’t help but assure you that few looks can only be enhanced with Polki or Kundan. In my opinion, there is a Jewelry design for every outfit, just like there is a design for every girl. It’s something like pairing mango with a hot cuppa coffee. Doesn’t seem that right? Exactly! Because you would rather have your mango alone or paired up with ice cream or sticky rice, just like your coffee would suit better with a cookie or a drooling dessert. There is a pair for everything. There is a reason for it too. You want the accessories to enhance your look; hence, you must let the Jewelry designs speak with the design of the outfit. If you are opting for heavy Jewelry pieces, ask your Jeweler and try to get as many detachable pieces. That way, you can wear the heavy piece as it is and also detach them and wear them as smaller pieces for smaller occasions. It makes the heavy pieces more usable.

3. Face shape: This plays an important role in defining which Jewelry style suits your face cut. While there are various articles on the web describing this, I believe in experimenting with the Jewelry at the store. Try different styles and see what suits you best. For example, a round face like mine is advised to wear long V neck Jewelry pieces while avoiding round shapes in earrings or hoops. However, my wedding Jewelry had shorter lengths with broader designs, which suited me and my outfit perfectly. I always hesitated from heavy Jewelry considering the shape of my face, it was only until I tried the entire Jewelry look on my face, that I realized how much it complimented me.

4. Match: You already have your outfits decided, so it gets easier to envision your jewelry look. Match your outfit’s neckline with necklace silhouette.

5. Keep Jewelry as the highlight of your look. Even though, few like to keep the Jewelry to minimal, it can still be the highlight of your look. The design of the Jewelry must speak for itself, if you are a minimalist. Opting for too many colors for your wedding Jewelry is a big no-no. Try to go for a single or bi-color that blends well with the wedding attire.

Some points to keep in mind when going for your Jewelry shopping:

- Wear a low/broad neck when going to try jewelry pieces

- Tie your hair back so you can see how the jewelry looks in both tied and untied hair

- If you have decided on the outfits, take a picture of the outfit with you or carry the dupatta for reference.

Celebridey Highlights:

· You can always add a styling edge to your western wear with your wedding Jewelry

· Remember Jewelry is accessory, so use it only to enhance your look

· Detachable Jewelry provides multipurpose use

· Pair your Jewelry with the work on your outfit

· Just like your outfits, Jewelry is a trial and error thing. Try different styles to pick your Jewelry style

*Please note: these points are mentioned keeping in consideration that your family Jeweler is a trusted person selling you authentic pieces.

Jewelry: Shri Hari Diagems, New Delhi

Beginning of crazy three day wedding celebrations with welcome lunch in Pattaya - get the details in the upcoming post...

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