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Ultimate Skincare Multitasker - Thermal Spring water

Many of us don’t know what the benefits of thermal spring water are, and why it’s better for our skin than water from the tap. Water is water surely? Wrong! Understanding what thermal spring water is and where it comes from makes it easier to understand its benefits.

A spring is essentially a completely natural situation whereby water flows to the Earth’s surface from what is known as an aquifer. The long process by which rain water travels through mountains and rocks and resurfaces allows the water to become packed full of minerals. If collected correctly, the water is pure and clean. While some thermal waters have been blended with essential oils or fruit essences and can be left to sit on the skin and slowly sink in. These are wonderful for adding moisture to dehydrated or overheated skin. In addition spring water usually has a neutral pH which helps in balancing the skin’s pH levels.

Thermal spring water is indicated for all types of skin and can be applied at any time of the day in the simplest way. I love applying it even as a setting makeup spray and on-flights specifically because flights can really dry up your skin.

Multiple benefits of Thermal spring water:

1. Cleans, tones and moisturizes the skin, especially after a long stay in dry, air-conditioned rooms. It can be used as a moisturizer for people who have oily skin and do not benefit from the use of creams or lotions.

2. It has a soothing power that protects the skin (even the most sensitive) from the sun’s aggression and pollution.

3. It contributes to the replenishment of the nutrients and minerals that the skin loses in the day to day.

4. It has an antioxidant action which helps protect skin from free radicals.

5. Relieves discomfort after aesthetic procedures such as body hair removal or shaving and dermatological procedures such as laser or peeling.

6. It is desensitizing. It relieves inflammatory and irritating states and soothes itches and redness associated with insect bites and allergies, and soothes skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea etc.

7. Relieves pain felt after sunburn due to its healing action.

8. Refreshes the dermis on hot days, whether on the road, on the beach or while exercising.

9. Balances skin. Thermal spring water helps control oiliness and protects dry skin from external aggressions.

10. Helps to treat and prevent dark circles.

My Top Picks (tried & tested):





Celebridey Highlights:

· Along with its multiple benefits, it is highly refreshing and a great way to add instant hydration to your skin

· You can use it before or after applying your makeup

· I prefer to use them in their natural state instead of infused thermal spring water

· They come in large and small packaging, making them travel friendly

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