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Turkish Henna

Have you ever walked on a 80 ft long floating plank in the ocean wearing 4-inch high heels while all the guests’ eyes are glued on you? Being somewhat clumsy, I got the opportunity and let’s just say I saved myself the embarrassment and held my bridal tiara high up till I reached the shore.

Sleep depriving a bride is never a good idea, however when you are in the wedding buzz, the excitement level in your blood kind of negates the effects. So, even though I got only 4 hours of sleep from our cocktail night, I was wide awake and set to get dressed at 8 am on 6th July 2016 for my official afternoon mehendi function. I had already applied my mehendi the day before so I could move around and enjoy my mehendi function instead of being stuck in a corner and looking at the guests with longing eyes to be fed some of the most delicious authentic delicacies that were flown in from different parts of India.

The theme of our mehendi function was ‘Turkish Henna’ – keeping the authenticity of the function with its meaning intact and yet having a different vibe than the usual colourful mehendi decor that we all love – we stuck with this theme for a funky blue and white twist. Set on the beach with giant letters spelled out as ‘Mehendi’ set a perfect backdrop for some cool pictures. The function was in the afternoon, and we were blessed with good weather. The décor consisted of blue and white shades with fuscia pink highlights of flowers, low seating, an open air bar on the beach, rain dance floor and of course a small elephant to sprinkle water on those less keen to enter the wet dance floor. (Because who can get away, right?)

The party was waiting to be started upon mine and Arnav’s entry. As we made our entry on a speed boat with high levels of enthusiasm, we were dropped off a bit away from the shore due to low tide. While our guests waited to welcome the bride and groom with pastel balloons in their hands and glistening eyes glued at us, I held my breath as I walked down an aisle in my 4 inch heels on an unstable and floating plank in water. The only wish I made was to be able to reach the shore without falling or getting drenched in the salty water while my guests floated balloons in the air out of “Ahh, the poor bride” sound. All I could picture was “a bride who fell in the salty ocean water while making her grand entry for her mehendi function.” What made it worse? Was a pretentious smile to hide my fear, even though I wanted to push Arnav in the water for making me do this? It was going to be a remarkable entry either ways.

All in all, we reached the shore safe and sound to face the guests with happiness instead of embarrassment to start a fun-filled afternoon with belly dancers and dancers with big belly's from our families.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Turkish Henna played as a good theme for mehendi ceremony

· Don’t get on a speed boat to make a remarkable entry if the tides are low

· Have a plank/platform on the beach to make it easier for guests to walk around during the function

· Keep acts to keep your guests entertained during functions

· Having my bridal mehendi applied a day before allowed me to enjoy all my wedding functions including mehendi function

· If it's a beach function in summers/monsoon - always have a small covered air-conditioned area for the guests to combat effects of sweltering heat and humidity

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