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To Happiness at Shangri-La Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Imagine stepping out of a luxurious Rolls Royce, walking up a majestic staircase that leads you into an exquisitely decorated ballroom overlooking a lush manicured terrace, to find your groom waiting to exchange the vows that would unite you forever. Call it too dreamy or call it straight out of a fairytale, it is true as Shangri-La Eros Hotel, New Delhi offers this luxurious style to every bride that is dressed in love.

We have all had our share of worries when it comes to picking a venue for the wedding celebrations. While few hotels are strict with their rules, few others tend to lend an extra hand to turn your wedding into a precious memory. And that’s exactly what the team at Shangri-La promises to deliver. What intrigued me about this Hotel is their dedicated wedding specialist, who would ensure that your wedding planning sails as smoothly as possible (P.S.: It’s time to cut out that extra budget you set aside for your wedding planners). Whether you want a traditional wedding or an unconventional wedding, the team of wedding planners at Shangri-La Eros Hotel can make the magic happen.

Though I have attended various business events and conferences at their ballroom, it is beautiful to see how their team is able to completely transform these ballrooms to meet your taste requirements in terms of refreshing décor for the wedding festivities. From flowers and candles to exquisite setup, you can now be assured to have your Pinterest mood-board recreated without any fuss.

A bride definitely needs her perfect backdrops for her wedding pictures. You may wonder that it is difficult to find a unique blend of backdrops with timeless architecture and new age luxury in the heart of Delhi - wonder no more as Shangri-La offers just that. From their lush manicured terrace to their lobby that defines luxury, the hotel provides various frameworks for your photo shoot, that make the pictures look larger than life.

The hotel's award-winning culinary team not only delivers a great palate but also provides tailor-made menu’s that adds a touch of personalization to the wedding. The Hotel also offers professional services at their salon and spa, CHI, which is set in a serene and quite environment helps you rejuvenate and relax while pampering you for the big moment.

In short - the palatial architecture, legendary hospitality, award-winning cuisine and signature spa treatments combine to offer a world-class Shangri-La experience for your wedding day.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Every bride can now walk out of a Rolls Royce for that royal entry

· You must check on the clause and rules of the hotel before booking your venue. Ensure they are flexible and will help you meet your needs on the big day for a hassle free experience without last minute disappointments

· A professional team of wedding planners at the Hotel definitely help in making the process stress-free and smooth

· Ensure your venue has plenty refreshing backdrops for your pre and post wedding pictures

· Having a tailor-made menu adds a touch of personalization to the wedding

· Having salon and spa services provided to the bride really helps when you are getting dressed for your big day. Lights in Hotel rooms alone are sometimes not enough for your makeup artists needs

Outfit: Dolly J

Jewelry: Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewels

Location: Shangri La Eros Hotel, New Delhi

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