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The Not So Mysterious Real Life Mona Lisa

No, I’m not a model and I haven’t distributed my pictures to different portals for their social media handles or even billboards! Duh… Consent from me would not have hurt anyone. I’m not talking about the never-ending pages of a written consent signed from my Swarovski pen, but a little approval, that’s all.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful, as that appreciation has brought me here. Hence, here I am, Samridhi Dhillon Jhunjhunwala (yes, many of you have already got my name right), ready to unveil “the biggest mystery after Monalisa”– as quoted by Wedzo.

To be very honest, initially I was left hot and bothered at times, like when I received a friend request on Facebook from someone in Pakistan using my picture. Or the time when one of my friend’s sent me my bridal picture that was being used on Tinder (Yes, Tinder! I din’t know people would swipe right by seeing a picture of a bride; Which leaves me questioning, do married people use Tinder?)

As I sit here by the lagoon in the lively Thessen island of Knysna, I realize that the best things only come to those who have the ability to overcome their fears. Just like I overcame the anxiety caused by the virality of my wedding picture, only to realize that all this fame was after all cut out for me to inspire other brides-to-be.

However, life doesn’t stop surprising you and thus, it still leaves me flabbergasted at times. Just like that time when someone sent a meme on one of my Whatsapp groups. See now, the thing is that - it wasn’t just a meme – it was ME! Yes, with the famous TV comedy character ‘Guthi’. I din’t know how to react - Should I have laughed along? Should I have been furious? Argh! But again I thought to myself - at least I was placed next to a famous comedy character we adore instead of Shakaal from movie Shaan. (Btw, am I the only one who finds him creepy?)

I bet you have all seen the meme for online shopping – ordered v/s delivered and dream GST v/s actual GST. In case, you missed out on the meme, check it out on ‘In the Media’ page on the website. As for any of my pictures that I may have missed, I would love to receive it from you all, so DM me!

Celebridey Highlights

· You don’t have to be a model to have your pictures on billboards

· I’m only as mysterious as Gerard Butler’s accent – which we love so much!

· I reached other countries without a Visa (Ahem.. I mean my pictures)

· Why would anyone want a bride’s picture for her Tinder account?

· Best things only come to those who overcome their fears

· One day you are a bride and the next day you are a meme for online shopping expectations!

Choosing the right bridal look can be quite taxing – read in my next post

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