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The Internet Bride

“Have you seen your wedding feature in Harper’s Bazaar magazine?” exclaimed Jayant, my wedding photographer, from another part of the world!

From being totally confused about my bridal look to taking the Internet by storm and being announced the ‘bride of the year’ for two consecutive years – it’s been quite a journey. And hopefully it will be possible for all of you to walk through that journey with me right here. But when I started, I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone would understand my bridal vision as well as my suggested for you Netflix category!!

Getting the right look for you doesn’t come easily – a lot of us have already struggled through it while few of us are yet to begin the struggle. Time is scarce, choices are countless and opinions from all can be quite perplexing at times (specially the ones given by your mom’s uncle’s daughter-in-law’s father’s sister – let’s not go there). But little did we know that social media is not only for procrastination. I mean isn’t that the reason why all of us follow tons of wedding blogs and glorious designers - to get oodles of latest trends and looks? So do your homework before you start whooshing through all the stores having bridal outfits.

However, ensure you use it ONLY as inspiration – as not everything suits everyone. If you spotted a bride in a bohemian couture looking flawless on social media, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to suit you. You may end up looking like a sulphur-crested cockatoo (though the bird is beautiful – you might not want to look like a bird on your wedding day). So find your niche!

When it comes to choices, well, there are millions of designs that have evolved over the years so you have a wide variety to choose from - whether you want to be a traditional bride, western bride, bohemian or any other kind of bride you can imagine. Speaking of which, a desiring-to-be traditional Indian bride might think, are the designs too evolved for me or am I too evolved for these designs?

Celebridey Highlights

· My Netflix has been suggesting me ‘Drop Dead Diva’ – reviews if anyone has watched that yet?

· Only you have the power to make your vision come to reality

· I’m currently following a million designers (just kidding!)

· P.S.: I started with saving a couple of bridal looks (that I thought I could carry off comfortably) in a folder on my phone before I started my hunt for the perfect outfit.

Learn about the key factor to dressing stylish and being comfortable on your wedding day in my next post

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