The Destined Sabyasachi Bride

It was the season to be a ‘Sabya’ bride. I mean every wedding that we attended, had a Sabyasachi bride. I wondered to myself if I would want to be just another Sabyasachi bride? The answer was of course NO! So being persistent on my thought, I went around looking at all the designers other than Sabyasachi for my bridal lehenga.

Little did I know, that I would become THE Sabya bride.

I had almost finalized a lehenga at another designer’s store in Qutub, Mehrauli. It had beautiful Kashmiri embroidery, which made the lehenga look delicate and utterly pretty. The intricate Kashmiri handwork on the lehenga gave life to it that spoke to me. I tried it on with extra can-can skirt and I was thrilled to have found my lehenga. As I asked Garima from the store to finalise the piece for me, the inner shopper in me itched me to check out Sabyasachi store next door (you know, the inner me cannot be satisfied until I have seen what all the stores have to offer).

I paid a visit to Sabyasachi store next door to satisfy my inner-self that I had made the right choice and to say the words we all love but hold ourselves from saying out loud most of the times – I told you so! Adamant to prove myself right, I entered the most beautiful store in New Delhi.

The low hanging chandeliers, the sweet sound of music and the scent of Jasmine took me away from the wedding planning and definitely the city’s pollution. The dim lights with beautiful wallpapers and accessories like over-sized trunks and telephone from olden days filled up the interior of the store adding a very ethnic yet a very chic essence to the store. Many pieces are portrayed in glass cabinets depicting his unique work or as they call – ‘International styling with Indian soul.’ Persian carpets and portraits at different height hung on the walls behind the well-laid out outfits that were draped-to-perfection on mannequins. The Sabyasachi store comprises a different level of excellence and shopping experience.

As I struggled to pull back my senses from the aura of the store to the wedding outfit hunt, I selected three outfits for trial. One went over the top with the velvet fabric, as I would sweat to death in the amazing combination of smoldering July heat and humidity in Thailand. So I gave that a pass. The second one captivated me completely but deep inside I knew it looked more apt for my reception than my wedding. So I listened to myself and moved on to try the third and last piece.

As I wore the last option that would make my decision of choosing my wedding lehenga, my mind was captivated by the fall of this lehenga on my waist. The round danglers that hung from the waist to tighten the band fell beautifully on the lehenga, which fit me like a dream. I felt like the doll captivated in a glass jar ready to make several twirls without feeling the weight of the lehenga. The hooks on the back of the blouse gave it a perfect neckline, which made the lehenga look deceptively sexy and traditionally beautiful at the same time. Hand’s down - Sabyasachi blouse’s are pure love! You can choose to have a low back or a high back in the blouses, but the fitting just falls perfectly each time. The skin-baring silhouette of the blouse feels like an Heirloom passed down from the ancestors that still holds a crisp feel. And as the saleswomen draped me in the double dupatta, I realized what it meant to be a Sabyasachi bride.

Celebridey Highlights:

· No bride is just another Sabya bride. Each bride of Sabyasachi holds a unique elegance in her style

· No bridal hunt is complete without a visit to Sabyasachi store

· I still get mesmerized each time I visit Sabyasachi store

· The sweet smell at the store works like magic on your senses

· There is no replication to the fitting of a Sabyasachi blouse and the cuts that describe Sabyasachi pieces

Sabyasachi lehenga’s take care of every small needs and details to make you a perfect bride. From missing work on the corner of the dupatta that gets tucked in to avoid discomfort to the drapping of the dupatta’s for hassle free wedding celebrations.

Designer Dilemma - to meet the designer or not to meet? Find out in my next post...

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