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That Good Ol' Pair

When you spot those undeniably loving pair of sneakers on the shelf only to find out they aren’t available in your size (the pain is oh-so-real and ambiguous to non-sneaker heads). And when the lovely lady manager phones another outlet only to find out your size is available, the victory is all yours. The thrill of owning yet another pair of the most comfortable shoe, which (thanks to the trend) you can wear at anytime, with anything, is unmatched.

This 90’s something trend has been back since quite some time now. Well, it’s not only sneakers and keds that have made a comeback, but also the round sunglasses, our favorite boyfriend jeans, crop tops and the much talked about Dior Saddle bag, which once only belonged in Carrie Bradshaw’s unique collection.

Which leaves me wondering, what's next? Guy's in low-falling oversize jeans? (NO!!!!)

I can say that I am more of a sneaker gal than a high heel diva, even though my height may say otherwise. As much as I have undying love for my 6 inches, I cannot wait to take them out after a party to feel my toes again. And yet, the pain is oh-so-real and ambiguous to tall & non-stiletto heads. So ladies, as much as we love our heels, it’s never too late to style a good ol' pair of sneakers to the next party and I promise, that little chunk of comfort won’t hurt your feet. And maybe this time, you will not trip over anything (else you have to be me to be able to do that - yes, I even trip over in sneakers).

You spot everyone adorning sneakers, right from your favorite celebrities to the friends that you look up to for trend inspirations. But it’s not all about Gucci or Balenciaga this season. The other luxury brands are in the market to offer something fresh to us. So, I headed to the famous Diamond walk in Sandton City to check out the latest Gucci’s dad sneakers and the Archlight sneakers from Louis Vuitton to put together my favorite pieces from the current collection to suit everyone’s palette:

Dolce & Gabbana's new collection 'I Love D&G' has caught everyone's eye by offering a personalized touch to their sneakers. If you want to own something unique that no one else has in their shoe closet, head to the pop-up store of D&G at Diamond Walk in Sandton City and customize a pair yourself.

Louis Vuitton never let's us down. Whether your style is athletic or simple chic, they have something to offer everyone even with their limited collection. LV's new Archlight sneakers may not find a space in every wardrobe, but owning this pair will definitely give your style a new dimension.

Gucci - one of the first one's to make luxury sneaker's a 'thing' amongst millennials. Whether you like bling on your sneaker, or you like them old fashioned, their wide range of sneakers will definitely tempt you to own yet another pair. They definitely know how to make 'Dad' sneakers look good. And this most recent addition of 'Dad' sneaker surely takes home the trophy for being the most comfy pair.

Something metallic, something stylish yet simple. If you are hesitant on trying the metallic fashion with denims, jacket or skirts, you can certainly pair these sneakers to add spunk to your everyday wear.

Can anyone do comic shoes better than Prada? This range, which is apparently last season, still makes a statement with their quirky comic characters on the sneakers. It adds fun and character to any outfit you pick.

Old Burberry check has made a comeback with their latest collection. If you are not experimental and like something basic, this range of comfortable classic Burberry sneakers can be your friend in times of need. Make a statement with these anywhere you go.

Celebridey Highlights:

· It's never too late to style a pair of sneakers

· So our Dad's were/are cooler than us

· Did you ever think Dad sneakers would be in?

· 90's trends are making a huge comeback

· Even after a rage, sock-like sneakers are not my thing

· You don't have to always hurt your feet in spike heels to make a statement

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