Something Borrowed for Haldi

The day of the wedding was marked with anxiety, happiness and nervousness all at once for me. I was woken up with a banging sound on my door, which made me jump up to grab some juice (yes, I’m the kind of girl who drinks juice in the morning instead of coffee). I also recall reaching for an Advil from the hangover kit that was provided in all the rooms before the festivities began. Even though I did not drink a sip of alcohol, I felt a thumping sound in my head, which pretty much summarized our sangeet night.

Gathering my feelings in my arms, I sat down to get dressed for my Haryanavi/Rajasthani themed Telbaan. As the last function before the wedding, I wanted this function to symbolize merging of two families and cultures (I am Jatt from Haryana and Arnav is a Marwari from Rajasthan). For this look, I needed a traditional daman, hence instead of wasting any time trying to fit in a shorter lehenga to give it a daman look, we opened my grand mom’s treasure box. Back in the days, she used to wear traditional daman’s and had the most beautiful ones kept intact till this date. I picked a beautiful printed one that had flare unlike seen in any designs by any designers nowadays. It had a contrast lining at the hem and it was just perfect for the event. I paired it up with a simple white shirt and a beautiful dupatta from my sister’s wedding closet. I was carrying so many emotions & memories that day right from nervousness of a soon to-be-bride to carrying meaningful outfit pieces from the closet of my dear ones. As accessory, apart from a necklace, earrings and borla (head accessory), I held my outfit together with a waist belt and payal in my feet with black jutti’s (the traditional way to wearing a daman).

We had our Telbaan in the garden that was covered in bright colourful fabrics, which added a lot of vibrancy to the function. Beats from local wedding singers from Haryana and Rajasthan filled our ears as we walked into the venue. Arnav and I sat at opposite ends of the garden to start the ceremony. I can definitely assure you that our guests got to witness two extremely different styles to doing haldi. While my side of the family stuck with the traditional way of doing haldi, Arnav’s side of the family soon converted this into a Holi party with food or as some would call it ‘a food fight’. His brother’s simply showed Arnav the side of tradition that he started at their weddings few years ago. Some of the food from last night’s sangeet party was brought in large containers and emptied on his head. As per me, I was almost ready to be a runaway bride from the scene when Arnav approached towards me for a hug. Without exaggeration, I can assure you he looked like a white tablecloth that was messed up by a messy eater and he smelled nothing less than a kitchen where the food has been left scattered for days. While we ended this small, fun-filled ceremony with laughter, cultural dances and songs from Haryana & Rajasthan and happiness, an emotional dark cloud ready to burst into tears covered my head, as It was time to step into my new phase of life.

Celebridey Highlights:

· At your functions, you can be drunk on excitement or just be drunk in love without a sip of alcohol

· I chose an ubtan face mask instead of pure haldi for the ceremony as haldi can sometimes make you look pale and yellow before the wedding, while ubtan is said to add glow to the skin

· Wearing a daman not only made me stand out but also made it easier for me to move around during my haldi ceremony

· Wearing something from the closet of your dear ones adds a lot more emotional value to your outfit during wedding celebrations

· Having our cultural theme for haldi signified merging of two cultures

· I had never witnessed a haldi being converted into a food fight before

· Love Indian culture and traditions

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