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Solving Equations in Shahin Mannan

In the middle of my wedding and Indian looks blog work, I try having fun with fashion in my own way. This time, it was the Shahin Mannan playsuit that caught my eye. The uncanny, nostalgic vibe of the playsuit took me back to my boarding school dormitory in 10th grade, where we would stealthily try to stay awake for longer hours trying to solve the math problems together before any tests and exams. Keeping the child in me still alive, I couldn’t help but wonder - Am I really that old?

What I have always loved about Shahin Mannan’s collection is how each collection can send you down a memory lane through depictions of everyday life on the garments. The colour palette is very quirky and yet soothing to the eyes, something that you don’t get to see on regular basis.

My first instinct was to style this with sneakers (my go to comfort), however, I thought of giving it a mild twist of my own by wearing this cute everyday look for an evening out. Adding a spark with high heels and my Chanel sequence flap bag, this look uplifted my mood and portrayed my evening take on the look.

Celebridey Highlights:

· While few of my friends tried mugging even a math’s equation, few of us tried going to the depth of the equation to solve it

· Precision tailoring gives definition to the outfits

· Love, memories, nostalgia is depicted in most of Shahin Mannan’s collection

· You can style any day look into your evening look with the right handbag or with just a bit sparkle in your eyes

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