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Smitten by Versatility

With just two days to Valentine’s Day, some of us can really be stuck with the gifting business. While few men know exactly what to do for their girl, few remain clueless. So as girls, it becomes our duty to drop few hints here and there, solely to help our men with this struggle.

Sometimes, I want to be swept off my feet and wonder if my man would go an extra mile to go overboard with this concept? While, few other times I feel it’s all too overrated. Well, the perks of being married – everyday is Valentine’s Day with you, babe! Since my man is unapologetically unromantic, I figured that gifting myself something special on Valentine’s Day works as good as being gifted something. Don’t we all love ourselves? And isn’t Valentine’s Day all about love? So why not shower some love on yourself and pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day? It is time for some guilt-free indulgence.

Gift for me is not something I need, but something I love. A kiss on the hand may be quite continental but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So here are my top choices of some everyday versatile Jewelry pieces from Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewels that can be teamed for any occasion with factually anything.

An event? Of course!

A dinner date? Hell, yeah!

A casual day out?

Suited up?

An evening out with friends?

A wedding celebration?

Do I really need to answer these.

These multipurpose pieces offer something unique to each one’s style. “Effortlessly quaint – the spirit of feminine lace clad in diamonds” is how Ayeshna from the house of Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewels, describes this range. Wear the necklace as a single piece or layer it up to add softness to your look. Wear a single ring or make it a statement piece by layering it up to form a full finger ring. They are not to be hidden away from the world only to be used on special occasions like your bling stones or heavy jewelry but something that you can adorn on regular basis. Ditch the single pendants for a while and give your style a fresh twist.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Jewelry is always a good idea

· Last minute Valentine’s Day shopping never got easier

· Versatility in design of a jewelry is what makes it worth every penny

· Sometimes adding a pop of color to your Diamonds is what makes them stand out

· Jewelry style mantra - Layer it up for a completely different look and no one has to know that they are the same pieces of jewelry you are playing around with

· Don’t restrict yourself to small pendants for everyday Jewelry

Jewelry: Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewels

Outfit: Gaurav Gupta

Photography: Mohit Vijh

Makeup: Samaira Sandhu

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