Seasonal Skincare

Just as your wardrobes and food choices change from season to season, it’s important to change your skincare too to ensure you are providing your skin with everything it needs. Temperature changes, differences in sun exposure levels and other environmental stressors that change seasonally all have an impact on your skin so tailoring your skincare seasonally gives your skin the tools it needs to perform at its optimum.

Why changing your skincare is important in season change?

The downsides of not changing your routine is that you won’t be giving your skin everything it needs to protect you – its main role! Your summer routine might not be rich enough in winter and lead to dryness and dehydration. On the other hand your rich winter oils might wreak havoc in summer when your skin is already overproducing oil. It’s important to regularly check-in with your skin and if you’re not sure it’s got everything it needs, book in for a virtual consultation with your dermatologist.

What should our skincare include in Autumn/winters?

Overall winter is the toughest season on skin. Our external heating systems remove all moisture from the air which leads to dehydration and the sudden change from freezing cold to heated rooms is a lot for skin to handle! Cold temperatures reduce circulation at the surface of the skin as well as reducing sebum levels so skin is less supple and more prone to dryness. The most important skin care move from summer to fall is to decrease the intensity of your cleanser. Switch out water-based cleansers for creamy milk-like formulas.

Secondly, we should look to increase levels of hydration and moisture as our skin can become dry and dehydrated due to the changing environmental factors. This is about altering the balance of oil and water based ingredients we feed our skin. We should use a heavier oil which contains more fatty acids and addresses the skin barrier as well as increasing levels of hydration. Skincare in the cooler months is all about nourishment and protection. Look for nutrient rich plant-based oils, vitamin B, and ceramides as these will all strengthen the skin barrier.

It’s not necessarily about more product, but the way you use your current products. It is also good to increase gentle exfoliation. Finally, add in some masks containing hydration ingredients – hyaluronic acid, aloe, honey

What should we look for in spring/summers?

In Spring and Summer we need to address all of the same issues but with different ingredients. Our skin still may need hydration and moisture but it doesn’t need the same levels as it did in the winter. Pack the rich cleansers away with your winter sweaters and reach for light—yet effective—cleansing solutions like micellar water.

In spring and summer, your routine should be focused on hydration and sun protection. SPF is even more important as the sun is stronger and you’re likely to be spending more time outside – try to reapply every two hours if you’re outside all day. In hot weather, we sweat more which brings more oil to the surface of the skin, so you won’t need a heavy moisturiser unless you’re naturally very dry. Light gel or water based moisturisers or hydrators, such as hyaluronic acid, are great at this time of year for providing hydration without feeling heavy on the skin. A vitamin C serum is also essential for summer as it works with your SPF to reduce cell damage from UV rays.

Regardless of seasons, our skin, like our bodies, is constantly changing and adapting to internal and external changes. It’s important to be attentive and listen to your skin for signs that it’s not getting what it needs. Tightness, dryness, increased breakouts, and sensitivity are all signs that your current skincare routine isn’t working. A change is in order.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Seasonal skincare ensures your skin is getting what it needs

· Seasonal skincare helps the skin to focus on its main role – protection

· Strengthen skincare barrier in winters

· Up your suncare game in summers

· If skin behaves oddly, it means your skincare isn’t working

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