Sculpting a Masterpiece

A gown straight out of a fairytale. A sweetheart neckline tube corset to define a sleek high waistline with a bell shaped skirt. Fabric complimenting that look was Organza, due to its ability to add required amount of bounce to the skirt with multiple layers and yet be translucent and lightweight for summer wear. Small iridescent gems and crystal droplets were sewn on the corset to give a hanging chandelier effect. I tried the garment on in an unfussy light golden color. It was breathtaking. And as I admire my coffee served in a beautiful flower embossed fine chinaware at Meikles Hotel, Harare, I can not help but take a moment to relive that moment.

Coming back… Nikhil did point out some additions to the gown to elevate its vivacity. He placed a piece of light net fabric with Swarovski sequins on the skirt, which now spilled down the gown as favored flourishes for adding movement. We then, worked on adding sleeves to the dress without taking away the magnificent effect of the dress. And just like that, he wrapped another net fabric around my shoulder in a very old yet new-fashioned way that only accentuated the gown giving it a royal look.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I could ever come up with these ideas as smoothly as he did. There is a reason they are called designers.

Being a stubborn little girl who wants all the candies instead of picking one, I further asked for a bridal train in my gown. However, I did not want something that would restrict repetition of the gown or my movement in the party. I showed Nikhil few pictures of the ideas that I had taken from Pinterest. While some ideas looked appealing, he explained me how they were unrealistic. On discovering my persistence of having a bridal train, he suggested that we add a detachable bridal train that looks like an extended part of the recently added sleeve. He used the same Swarovski laden net fabric and extended it with the help of a hook at the back of the dress. The sequins used on the bridal train immediately added light giving my dress a decorative twinkle adding romance and individuality.

Coming down to the last bit for the gown was the color. As much as I had loved the pale golden color of the gown, I knew it wouldn’t work for me. So after having looked at various color options in organza fabric, we finally decided on a pastel peach color that suited my skin tone like magic.

Standing there on that pedestal in front of the mirror in that overly gorgeous gown, I couldn’t help but picture myself as a princess with her tiara supported by a high raised bun and jewels that would define my neckline (and that well defined collar bone I had secretly been working on). Nikhil uplifted my morale all the more. Even though I was roughly pinned up with extra fabric to meet my measurements, I was glamorous, sexy, magnificent, powerful and beautiful at the same time. As if I could just walk out of the door and get engaged right now in this very gown with no makeup and no jewels needed. I was that breath of fresh air in over polluted Delhi, ready to set a bar for all brides-to-be. Sure as hell he was correct.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Meikles Hotel has been standing tall since a century; it still holds the vintage touch with utmost class

· Organza breathes life into an outfit with its bounce

· Corset with a high waistline skirt gives your waist a sleek look

· Swarovski crystal droplets hanging on the corset were my favorite part of the gown

· My bridal train gave me a majestic walk down the aisle

· Opt for a color that makes you and your skin dance with joy

· Always wear confidence as it uplifts anything without spending a dime

· Meeting with the designer is totally worth it

Details on the engagement party in the next post

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