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I couldn’t help but wonder what is that one thing that can uplift any style and inner confidence? Even on the days when I don’t feel like dressing up, there is always one thing that helps me look edgy - a great pair of sunglasses. Pair them with your Pj’s, tracks, denims, dresses or formal wear, it’s that accessory that has never disappointed me and has worked all the time. The sunglasses market has recently exploded into stylish yet wearable shapes that combine refreshing new details, old classics and quirky trends. I invest in a great pair of sunglasses every now and then because one, it adds to my style and collection, two, it’s something that never goes out of style, three, I somehow keep getting my old pairs scratched out while handling them.

Whether you want to conceal your hung-over eyes, your puffy eyes or simply a no eyeliner eye, your sunglasses can be your best friend.

My first campaign shoot in South Africa introduced me to something local in Johannesburg and yet international in terms of collection. A wide range of shades from Ray Ban to Gucci to Celine, Spectacle Boutique is a renowned name in the Johannesburg market that caters to authentic pieces of our favorite brands. The campaign had me excited and yet quite nervous. Even though I had now gotten quite used to the shoots and my audience in India, I knew the audience could react completely different in South Africa. I was eager to showcase my style through my work to my South African followers and give them something more relatable based in South Africa. Shooting with Spectacle Boutique allowed me to portray my style paired with few great sunglasses from their store.

I picked up these three shades to depict three different styles for the shoot. The idea for the shoot was to show the variety of shades ranging not only from different brands but also styles like casual, semi-formal and formal. I wanted them to be from the range that would help us millennials carry them in any season with any outfit without any fuss.

The first look was casual. In this I paired a white Karl Lagerfeld badge Shirt with black utility joggers from Bershka. The look was completed with a black micro, sleek but wearable silhouette from the 90’s runway shades from Vogue and patent Louis Vuitton Frontrow sneakers. Keeping the look rough and yet adding spunk with these Vogue beauties gave an attitude to the attire.

The second look is what I would call semi-formal. Blazers have been everything recently. I styled this same tone shorts with blazer with a white organza shirt and a Chanel brooch to compliment the look. White shades have been hitting the market hard in the casual category, hence I wanted to define it in a semi-formal way instead of going casual all the way. These white Gucci shades highlighted the outfit and added boldness to it. It made the outfit fun and took away the attention from the use of monotonous color tones.

The third look has to be one of my favorites. Again going gaga over blazer trend, I opted for an all white outfit. If you see closely, I have replaced a white shirt with a white waist coat and layered that up with a white blazer. Sleek pants helped in adding a chic factor to the outfit. Adding a pair of black Gucci shades with the patent tri-color Gucci on the stem, added color and something to bind the outfit together. Styling this look with sleek back hair to add height, made the outfit stimulating in a way.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Sunglasses of various shapes from the 90’s runway are something to watch out for this season

· Spectacle Boutique houses a wide range of sunglasses from amongst the best International brands in the world

· I hear that Spectacle Boutique has few pairs on sale currently

· Same pair of shades can be paired in any style, be it formal, semi-formal or casual

· Formal doesn’t have to be boring always, you can mix it up and give your style a twist

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