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No Spy Zone

Moving to a new country is always exciting, but its not what people assume it to be. I was getting a clean slate while moving. Well, many would count that as a blessing, but that’s not something I was ready for. Yes, I was excited to move and build a life there with my husband, but I was also not willing to be away in a new country without family, friends or my work. Having studied in International schools and studied in the UK has privileged me to have friends in various parts of the world. In fact, my family constantly teased me for bumping into someone wherever I went, even on my travels. They often asked me to consider a career in spy business as I have my spy’s spread all across the world. I just don’t think my petite stature would look good in a black hat and long overcoat, hence it wasn’t something I ever considered ;). Unfortunately, South Africa was the only place where I knew only one mate – my husband.

Slowly Arnav’s friends started becoming my friends, but it wasn’t the same. A girl always needs her set of friends. Especially because I have always been surrounded by such close girl friends, thanks to my all girls schooling days. After an exciting inquisitive month in a new country, I longed to find that connection here. I longed to dress up to work. I longed to make spontaneous coffee sessions here. If you are in your mid-twenties, you can befriend anyone who has the same wavelength like you do. It would just be easier if there were a device to detect that. I wasted months getting to know a bunch of people, few strings stuck and few were dropped. Simply because, friendship for me is like having those weird conversations and thinking if anyone heard us, we would be put in a mental hospital.

While few people struggled to pronounce my full name, few looked at me with a queer eye trying to spot me as an Indian and eventually asking whether I’m a mulungu? (Mulungu (Zulu language): white person or English European descent) Few others tried to fit my Indian accent to the fake Indian accents they hear in Russel Peter’s comedy shows. I couldn’t help but wonder, is that really how we Indians sound?

Confession: I did confirm being a mulungu once, because I had no clue what it meant

Celebridey Highlights:

· Maybe owning a spy business wouldn’t be as bad an idea now

· I even had friends in Ghana for God’s sake, but did not know a soul in South Africa

· I’m quite sure my friends and I have been reported for a mental assessment

· I want to take Zulu lessons, only because I’m in love with the accent and the pronunciations. But also so that i can understand the words like mulungu and sanibona...

The struggle to find the right fit of friends continues…

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