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Be the girl who wears Jewellery with pants...

While Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’ tunes played in the background, which would usually make me groove on the beats in a normal scenario but today Rihanna wasn’t helping. Being shaken up with nervousness and yet portraying utmost amount of confidence for the first shoot was not an easy job. However, it was the moment I got onto the lit setup for my first shot that my focus helped me escape the movements on the set and got my eyes on the lens of the camera.

We had been working on this since couple of days. We went from brainstorming various out of the box shoot ideas to basic shoot. Since it would be the first shoot for the brand, Ayeshna Chawla Fine Jewels, we went ahead with a basic shoot to keep the essence of the brand alive - very fresh with suave, young and versatile designs.

I ensured that all the pieces we shot with are eternal pieces of fine jewels engrafted in a young and fresh basket of designs with best quality assured. One of the key idiosyncrasies of their Jewellery is versatility with their architectural elements. Hence, the blogger in me itched me to try something different to depict the versatility of the designs.

My style, my way!

The look in the pictures has been created with a simple pair of white Pallazo’s and fren green satin-finish shirt from Zara teamed with the beautiful choker and long Firoz’s enamel work necklace from their Le-Minahaar Collection. This piece of Jewellery represents a unique journey that beholds a deep-rooted cultural heritage of Jaipuri ‘Meenakari’.

You may think that Meenakari work in Indian Jewels is classified for Indian wear; and even though we love teaming our Meenakari jewels with Indian outfits, I believe they have a completely different charm and look when teamed with western wear. The colours used in Meenakari Jewels define the beauty of these pieces. And since I sported two necklaces with this outfit, I went light on the ears and kept them bare.

Teaming this style of Jewellery with a western twist gives our Jewellery and us a quick escape from boredom while still adding a style element at the parties and small functions.

Celebridey Highlights:

- When you can't groove on ‘Rude Boy’, you are nervous AF

- Focus and confidence are most important to nail your first on-set experience

- Meenakari Jewels have a dreamy beautiful charm that attracts you to them

- Simpler the outfit look, the bolder can be your Jewellery

- For me, one main aspect while buying jewellery is versatility of the jewels

- Do not try to wear all the jewels when mixing Indian Jewellery with western wear. Keep it chic with few Indian elements

- Apparently, the sadder the model in pictures - the better the pictures

More from the shoot coming up...

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