How to Plan A Wedding During Corona?

As if the wedding planning stress wasn't enough, now it has increased a 100 times more during these trying times. Brides who had their weddings in March and April 2020 got a rather rude surprise, but after that, we've seen weddings happen, but within the government guidelines. While a lot of couples opted for a simple online wedding during the lockdown, now that the restrictions are a little relaxed, wedding planners have devised new ways to make the grand affair intimate yet extravagant. While few couples are still struggling to see where to start the wedding planning from and how they can pull it off in a grand and yet an intimate way; Here is a list of things you can opt for to ensure a smooth planning of your intimate wedding because small intimate weddings will be big for the next year or two:

1) Wedding Planner: first and foremost advice shared by most brides who tied the knot during the lockdown was to hire a wedding planner. As much as you may think, you don’t need a planner since the wedding is at smaller scale and maybe your friends and family members can handle it, but you don’t want that stress on your head of your vendor being stopped by the cops or maybe lack of precautionary safety guidelines. There are three major challenges in organizing a wedding right now: safety, costs, and permissions. Hence, get someone on board who can help take care of all the details from the venue, décor to gifting even.

2) Digital coordination: If you are planning an intimate wedding hence reducing your guest list to half or even less than that then opting for digital coordination is a must. Since you are saving up a little by cutting down your guest list, hence have a better budget to bring together good digital coordination with your friends and family. You can setup a personal space/ room on an online platform so that your guests do not miss the exciting venue experience. Also, delivering personalized outfits and gifts is possible making the wedding exciting for everyone not attending the wedding physically!

3) Sustainability décor: Moving towards sustainability in décor aspects was predicted as one of the biggest trends for weddings in 2020. It is one of the hardest to achieve as well. However, this trend seems to be moving into 2021 as well. You can bring the concept by support local art and craft and create a unique theme and gifting options. From local crafts to local artifacts, you can make your theme, decor and gifting more Indian and artistic.

4) Safety measures/ Provide Customized Face Masks: Despite hosting an intimate ceremony, it is crucial that you follow safety precautions and guidelines. You never know who could be carrying the virus! If you're worrying about people showing up without wearing masks (or wearing inadequate ones), get some wedding masks made-to-order for your guests. Play with funky designs, go simple, or even get it customized with your wedding hash tag and date. It will make for a great souvenir too! If you want to go a step further, you can also get medical history of every guest ready and temperature checks and hygiene protocols in place during the functions. Opt for booking a larger venue place for the number of people attending so you can ensure some form of social distancing.

5) Ditch the Buffet, Go Plated or have a sit down: A wedding buffet? Not so much this time around. Instead of having guests go around multiple counters to serve themselves (remember, they're touching the same serving cutlery!), opt for plated service. By doing so, you're not solely minimizing contact through self-service but are relieving the guests of chaos! You can also opt for a sit down experience, which can add a refreshing charm.

6) Consider Outdoor Ceremonies: Who doesn't absolutely love an outdoor wedding ceremony amid a clear blue sky and a soothing sunset? If you don't dig the outdoor vibe, you better now. By throwing functions outdoors, rather than in closed, confined spaces, you're significantly reducing the risk of spread. Plus pictures in an outdoor venue always come out the best.

7) Send Wedding Favors Across the Mail: Truth be told, one of the best things about weddings are the favors or wedding shagun you receive! From bangles in multiple hues to micro-bindi's, juttis etc, there can never be too many gifts. However, for a pandemic wedding it is recommended that you mail favors across to your guests instead. A safer, contact-less option. It can also go out as a gift to the guests to show your appreciation as they attended the wedding or send it as an invite before the wedding so everyone attending can carry a wedding charm with them during the functions.

8) Monogrammed Glasses: What better way to avoid trips to the bar and exchange of glasses amongst guests, than to opt for monogrammed glasses. If you know everyone who is attending your small intimate function, you can easily get the glasses monogrammed for everyone. Besides, they'd serve as adorable take-home favors and souvenirs.

9) Outfit selection: We know choosing your outfits during this time can be quite difficult and frustrating. Most designers are offering one on one private consultation so in a way you can book out the entire store for an hour or so and help make your decision. For the NRI’s who aren’t able to travel to India for their wedding shopping, you can opt for the services like virtual tours of the various stores by Wed Me Good or hire a stylist who can help you pick the outfits and send them to you.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Wedding during Covid times can be flamboyant and yet intimate at the same time

· Investing in a good digital coordination is the way forward be it via a private room on zoom or a youtube link specially for your functions

· Give everything a personal touch

· Find innovative ways to include local artisanal ideas to make the décor more sustainable

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