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Glossy v/s Matte Skin

Picture this: A skin so clear and smooth that light bounces off it as if it were a golden polished metal surface. Now do you want this? Or a rough skin that is only capable of bouncing back light to give you a matte finish, even after loading your skin with the best highlighter?

Belonging to the skin care industry makes people judge my work by analyzing my skin. I mean, if I dint carry a smooth skin then why would people believe in my treatments and products? Isn’t that how it works? So, this is the number one reason why my sister, Deepti and I always wear our most flawless skin all the time. Second reason, well let’s just say that I sound more excited talking about vampire facials than I would about gooey dark chocolate ganache, a.k.a we are obsessed with our skin care treatments and products.

However, It’s not always good in the hood when it comes to skin care and no one is immune to tricky skin conditions. We also face our skin woes every now and then. And that’s why a holistic approach is required to achieve a good and healthy looking skin.

It had been a couple of weeks since Roka and I was finally sinking into the fiancé category. So, I knew I had to be more vigilant with my skin now than ever before. The clock was ticking and I would definitely run out of any amount of time I would get to maintain a clear complexion along with adding radiance for the wedding day.

I did not have a date yet, and did not have my outfits planned, but what was planned was my skin care schedule. Yes, it takes good 4-6 months to achieve desired results for skin and hair. Good skin doesn’t come over night; it takes hard work and perseverance to gain that flawlessness on Jacqueline Fernandez’ skin that you have been obsessing over.

I started the process right from the beginning like any other bride should.

Step 1: I visited my dermatologist (which happens to be my sister in my case - Dr. (Capt.) Deepti Dhillon)

Step 2: She analyzed my skin and we made a procedure flow chart that I was to stick by

I promised to be regular with my treatments and my home skin care regime. Now you all must know that not every bride-to-be has same issues with skin. To attain a glowing skin, your dermatologist needs to make sure that the treatments they are offering would tackle your skin issue and provide your skin with the required vitamins, antioxidants etc that are required by your skin for healing purpose.

As for my skin, we weren’t worried about major skin issues because I have always followed a strict skin care schedule with regular treatments right from the beginning. However, I wanted to tackle any sort of pigmentation or tanning along with prevention of it. And of course, no amount of glow is enough for us girls. So more RADIANCE!

Celebridey Highlights:

· Science behind reflection works the same way for skin – smooth surface v/s rough surface.

· My love for skin care goes skin deep.

· Trust me, when I say, a gorgeous skin will define your makeup and your look on your wedding day.

· Rumor has it – Jacqueline Fernandez’ skin emits light even at night.

· It’s never early to start skin care routine.

· Everyone’s skin has different needs.

· Be consistent with your skin care and it’ll reward you forever.

Giving you the list of treatments that worked wonders for me to achieve that glowy skin for my wedding day – in the next post!

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