Right from a more traditional Sabyasachi bridal look to a modern bride with a traditional twist in Anamika Khanna couture or to a more modern approach given by Shivan and Narresh, your look for each function needs to be unique and stylish and above all comfortable!

Make sure you pick a different look for each of your functions. The last thing you want is to be monotonous. Going over the top or too plain or simply repetitive is no option. Different looks will keep your pictures timeless and exciting – trust me when I say, it’s one of the vital elements of an unforgettable wedding! You don’t want to catch yourself yawning while scrolling through your pictures 10 years down the line. Hence, your planning process should start with theme selection. I believe that a bride's look and the theme go hand in hand. As your theme is what will help you narrowing down your look, décor, entertainment, clothes, jewelry and everything that goes along with it.

It is a different thing that we (dessert lovers) order our main course according to the dessert menu in a restaurant, but this reverse process usually does not work when it comes to wedding preparations. So, you have to start with theme selection for a clear vision and better appetite for your functions.

I also had my typical list of Indian functions laid out – engagement, cocktail, mehendi, sangeet, haldi and wedding. If only our Indian weddings were simpler with just one function to worry about. However, I can’t help but say that I love these over the top wedding celebrations we have at our Indian weddings along with our elaborate list of functions. After all, it is the best excuse to eat all the desserts without guilt from a sumptuous buffet – can you blame me?

Similarly, just like a Sabyasachi lehenga would be incomplete without its regal, intricate work and blouse cuts, an Indian wedding is incomplete without its charisma and drama. Keeping up with these factors along with my growing love for wedding looks is how I came up with my themes.

If you have followed my engagement blog post, you will know that I was always fascinated with white weddings and hence we revolved our engagement ceremony theme around that concept.

Cocktail is a night that you want to dance away before the onset of all your traditional ceremonies, we wanted it to be glamorous and full of glitz!

We gave a classy twist to our mehendi ceremony with ‘Turkish henna’ theme. It was a beachy affair with cabanas carrying Turkish details. The bar was set up with a beach backdrop and since it was a July wedding in Pattaya, we had nothing but the heat to worry about, hence we gave our guests the option of rain dance.

Sangeet covered a different aspect by going extravagant with the theme of ‘Bajirao Mastani’. We wanted our sangeet night to be magnificent giving the palatial essence from the movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’.

Haldi left everyone spell bounded with our traditional and authentic outfits and theme that carried the music, essence and feel of Haryanavi/Rajasthani theme (since I belong to Haryana and my husband has his roots in Rajasthan – we wanted to mix the two up symbolizing a union).

At last was the much awaited wedding ceremony with a beautiful temple top dome setup on the beach where the wind swayed with joy and we could hear the sound of waves crashing in the background as we took our vows!

Reception was simple and elegant using white and gold color scheme with lots of fresh flowers to mark the beginning of a peaceful, soulful and fragrant filled life.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Keep yourself alive by giving yourself different looks

· Envision your look roughly while finalizing the themes

· Pick a look and revolve your theme around it or pick a theme and revolve your look

around it

· I always order my main course after reading the dessert menu

· I am referring to Drama as an element for your décor and not the drama created by your aunt (we all have enough of that)

· Fresh Jalebi is one of my favorite’s from the dessert counter at weddings

Know about my pre wedding shoot disasters and memories that I framed, i.e. all the do’s and don’ts from my pre wedding shoot coming up…

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