Fashion With A Cause

With a halt in our economies due to coronavirus, we have seen a rising awareness amongst many in India to focus more on local produce. Emphasis on local produce is a mantra much spoken about in every country as an attempt to revive the economies. With that thought comes conscious buying responsibilities on us as citizens. This new decade emphasizes on sustainable living. Kopou, a small business from Assam specializes in sustainable living and Indian artefacts.

Sustainability has found its way into different sectors right from fashion to food habits. Kopou shares an initiative that supports men and women from the rural areas of North East India through existing self-help groups, where they come together to produce these artefacts. It bridges the gap between the community of creators and aspirers by making beautiful products of everyday use readily available anywhere and everywhere.

Their belief is that Indian artefacts can be a part of our everyday life and can help support employment as well. This initiative opens a window into the immensely rich culture of North East India that not only depicts style and comfort, but also the creativity and efforts of the community. I recently shot with their gorgeous beach basket bag and the shell necklace that took me wandering to my next beach vacation, which will only be planned once the world is a safe place again. While the beach bag is waiting to explore more places, the necklace hangs luxuriously in my formal living bringing the Indian artefact charm to my home in South Africa. Meanwhile, we wish Kopou blossoms just like it’s name suggests.

Outfit: Pasha

Accessories: Kopou

Celebridey Highlights:

· Supporting local small businesses not only helps the businesses to survive but also generates employment

· Styling this look was so special because it came with a meaning and a cause

· Travel the world with Indian artefacts to add that rich cultural charm to your outfits

· Discovering India one step at a time

· Support local that can help feed an extra mouth

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