Everyday Skincare Guide

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Skin care is so huge nowadays, that the market of skin care is flooding. Everyone has a new range of products that promises to tackle skin issues. Be it La-prairie or be it Revlon. While a lot of products work wonders, few do nothing but little. And then of course, there are makeup brands that are using this gap to promote their products to hide skin flaws. Primer, concealer, pore minimizer and what not. But I believe in eliminating the core problem and not concealing it. Makeup also remains basic that way and only helps in enhancing your look.

I couldn’t help but wonder that sometimes we invest so heavily in these products that promise so much but do so little.

Skincare regime plays an important role in delaying aging process or any sort of damage to the skin. For me, it is as important as eating your breakfast or mastering the skill of winning any argument with your husband. I am genetically blessed with good skin, however, that does not mean that I don’t have to take care of my skin. I have to be as diligent as anyone else to achieve and maintain a glowing and healthy skin. As brides, we become more aware of our skin issues and put in efforts to tackle them, however if you follow a good skincare regime then you can assure yourself a healthy skin all the time.

A good skincare also does not mean that you can avoid the treatments at your dermatologist’s clinic. The in-clinic treatments combined with good skin care routine are what help in achieving a flawless and bright skin. I am not going to expand into the well-spoken CTM (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize) routine, but focus on the products that I use for my morning skin regimen and that have worked wonders for me. I try to keep my products as basic as possible and as minimal as possible to avoid extra layering. When you layer products in thin amounts from lighter texture to heavy textures, it makes them more effective. As each layer penetrates the skin, this will leave less chances of ending up with greasy look.

1) Cleanser (Effaclar, La Roche-Posay) : A mild cleanser with toning properties is what makes Effaclar ideal for my sensitive skin. It helps in deep cleaning my pores to further avoid clogged pores or breakout. I highly recommend use of less-spoken about but highly essential cosmeceutic products as this range of products is a blend of cosmetic and pharamaceutical products to give us the desired results for any skin damage control. In short, they enhance benefits of cosmetic products but eliminate side effects of pharmaceutical products, making it a perfect blend. Having a toner in my cleanser helps to avoid using an extra product (toner) as the cleanser itself helps in balancing the pH of my skin.

2) Serum (Clinique, Even Better Clinical) : The dual chamber pump provides a perfect balance with its light texture to correct any dark spots or pigmentation. I use this product once a day in the morning, however you can use it twice a day as well. Serum helps to provide my skin with the brightening agents required for the skin to heal and to fight future pigmentation. Serums have active ingredients in particles tiny enough to penetrate the skin to provide added benefits.

3) Brightening eye serum (Shiseido, Ultimune Eye) : I don’t have intensive darkness around my eyes, but I use this power infusing eye concentrated serum to moisturize the eye area and to avoid early aging. Constant use of devices like laptops and phones can cause a lot of stress to the eye area and hence this brightening eye serum helps control darkness around the eyes and keeps it well moisturized giving a very smooth and matte finish to the skin around the eyes.

4) Moisturize (Clinique, Dramatically Different) : I have been using this moisturizer since very long. I like my daily moisturizer to be fragrance-free and to feel very light on the skin. I know a lot of us get attracted to products with fragrances but I have seen that products with little to no fragrance are less harmful on our skin. Also it is very important to choose a moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated for longer hours.

5) Face oil (Farsali, Rose Gold Elixir) : I don’t use my face oil on everyday basis, but only the days when the skin feels abnormally dry due to travelling or before applying makeup. I like to use it before makeup for dewy look. Also since, I don’t need a primer for my makeup, I like to use my face oil as a base. Farsali Rose Gold Elixir has 24k gold flakes in it, which enhances the glow of the skin while keeping it well nourished.

6) Sunscreen (Aveil, Spf 50) : This is by far my favorite step of the skincare regime. Be it a rainy day, sunny day or cloudy day or whether I am going out or staying in-door, this product is always on my skin. Sunscreen should be hypoallergenic, broad-spectrum with Spf 25 and above (ideal for Indian skin). I use a high Spf of 50 since the sun in Johannesburg is quite strong. However, Aveil provides a light texture even with a high SPF. The sunscreen does not necessarily have to make your skin sticky or oily. Choose the right one for your skin and it will do wonders. Other sunscreens that I like are from brands La-Shield, Heliocare and Avene.

Celebridey Highlights:

· A regular use of products is recommended to see results rather than using it just once and expecting results

· Being consistent with skincare regime is the key

· Do not underestimate the power of cosmeceutic products

· Opt for products according to your skin requirements

· Always layer your products from light to heavy for best results

· Sunscreen is like bread and butter for your skin

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