Encounter With The Blogging World

Amid all my wedding pictures floating around without gravity and my never ending globetrotting trips with Arnav, a lot of bloggers from across the country approached me for my story; therefore, I agreed to meet with one of them when I was in Delhi.

While I was all dressed up in my new cool blue winter Blazer dress with knee high boots to give that first bold impression, I was also quite nervous for this interview. You know that feeling of excitement and nervousness when people are keen to know you and in that spirit, you are about to expose yourself? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

So whilst I sat waiting at Diggin’ (Santushti, Delhi) for the blogger to arrive, that slight breeze in my hair gave me chills. I wondered whether I was doing the right thing? Though I was certain that my story would help many brides-to-be in overcoming wedding stress and in shinning bright on all the days leading to their big day, I wasn’t sure about the best way to convey my story.

As inexperienced as I was with the blogging world, I thought to myself – should I have written all my experiences and packed it in a shiny over sized box? And maybe eventually couriered it to the various social media handles giving you tons of bridal tips daily – so I wouldn’t feel as anxious giving the interview. Or maybe I should be a little more realistic and wait for her to arrive to finish the interview before I start juggling again?

As I was still stuck in my dilemma, I realized I was already seated across the blogger for the interview (alas, it was too late to run). Thanks to the Slurpee sound she made while drinking her coffee that kept me giggling like a little girl, I was feeling more at ease with the interview now. However, the questions lacked their magic potion in terms of relevance to my story.

Now, if you know me, I’m an Aquarian - I tend to overthink a lot, meaning my head is always full of thoughts and frequently wanders away in its own land. And so, amidst the few impressive and few farcical questions from them, I was mostly imagining the number of calories that I was taking in while sipping on my thick Oreo Coffee shake… and maybe the correct answers to some of their hysterical questions which din’t seem to have any correct answers.

After this gruesomely long hour (that din’t seem to end) of interrogation, I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone could tell my story better than me?!

Celebridey Highlights

· Aquarians are always bustling with ideas

· There are 1175 calories in a Coffee Oreo thick shake #totallyworthit

· You are the best narrator of your own story

· Follow your gut – it’ll take you to the right places

Exposing the ‘Real Life Monalisa’ in my next blog

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