Don't be so serious, Bridezilla

Most often I hear brides complaining that they could not enjoy their own wedding celebrations because they were too tied up with the preparations. In my case, it was the opposite. Unlike most bridezilla’s, I was in fact a bridechilla. I had left most of the preparations on my brother, Capt. Ankur Dhillon (often referred to as Capt.). Being an ex army man, he is quite a perfectionist. Giving him my little requirements for the wedding, I sat down with large popcorn in my hand excited to watch the best part of the movie on my life with my favorite characters – my family & friends.

Well, I did as little as sort out my trousseau wear and wedding looks to make the perfect bride. Thinking about it today, I couldn't help but wonder, if my wedding would turn out as well as it did if I had planned every detail myself?

No matter how hard you or your family members try, there will always be someone ready to criticize something. So let me give you a little lesson that you may have heard often but not implemented – you can’t please everyone. Your grand mom’s favorite cousin’s daughter in law is not your responsibility. For that matter, even the colors of the napkin shouldn’t be your responsibility. It is your day, if you make it yours. Don’t pick up the shovel and get dirty like the pretty little liars characters, instead get dressed for the most amazing party of your life. It is the only time when you can gather everyone you love and care about to celebrate your day in the most efficient way and also the only day when people that matter will go to great extent to be with you. And of course, without any excuses or drama!

Even though I was involved in a tit bit of the planning, I left it all on the final day and thought to myself that I would rather enjoy my wedding ceremonies than stress over it. So what that the functions did not start on time, so what if the florist used pink instead of white orchids, so what if the Dj played the wrong song for our entry. It will all happen once and the moment will pass the second you blink your eye, so capture it and embrace it with all your heart and make it yours.

Arnav and I wanted nothing but to celebrate our union and live it to the best. I did make the best memories during my wedding. Well, if you are spending all that money, you might as well make it worthwhile for yourselves.

Celebridey Highlights:

· If you don’t have an ex army man in your family, look for the most responsible member and ask them to handle the wedding preparations.

· I like a mix of caramel and cheese popcorn.

· It is your wedding, the only time you can actually demand and ask anyone to do your tasks. Make the most of it.

· Don’t try to please everyone; please yourself and you will love every bit of your wedding celebrations.

· Don’t stress over minute details, only you notice them (not the guests)

· Bridechilla’s make the most beautiful brides.

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Learn how I picked the themes for my wedding functions, in my next post.


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