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Dipped in an Emotional Turmoil – Wedding Day!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I feel a sense of anxiety just about now - as I type this blog post. Revisiting the moments while I was seated in my bridal suite at the Centara Grand Mirage, Pattaya waiting for my groom to arrive ignites a fresh spark within me. The day of the wedding is not usually a smooth ride and I don’t know of any bride who hasn’t let out few expletives on their fiancé (mentally) for being late, so this is what most brides including me experience – an emotional turmoil!

I was emotionally shaken up that day since my mom was extremely sentimental about the wedding and those emotions constantly brought tears in my eyes. I reminded myself to stop them from pouring like the limitless alcohol that was pouring at our Sangeet the previous night, simply because I did not want my eyes to look swollen from all the crying. I mean what was the point of applying ubtan at the haldi ceremony if my eyes looked like Homer Simpson? It was a happy occasion after all but it was only now that the emotions of the day of the wedding started to creep in on me. It’s as if your hormones don’t know how to behave and they’re even more hyper than the mood swings you get while you are pms-ing.

I got ready in my room with my mom, sister and my bhabhi. Well, I needed these strong women in my life to keep me afloat and to help me make last minute decisions about the look. The decisions may seem minor but they help in combining the whole look together like the size of my bindi – the red dot – which I think was the secret to my wedding look. Thanks to my sister and her eye to differentiate the right from the wrong when it comes to styling me.

Although I sat there getting dressed, I felt a kind of completeness and a kind of hollowness within me. My mind acting as a compass was split in four zones. One, I was asking constantly about what the décor looked like because I couldn’t see it clearly enough from my balcony on the 25th floor. Two, I asked constant questions about my look while the photographers surrounded me. Three, I couldn’t help but feel the butterflies in my stomach at the thought of my fiancé and fourth, I was emotionally wrecked and wanted time to freeze.

Whilst my makeup artist stuck a double-sided tape around my matha patti to stop it from moving around during the rituals and trying to find the glue drops that would help keep the oversized nose ring intact, I felt like I was in a different reality. I was finally ready and as my bridesmaids surrounded me to click tons of pictures, I was getting a little furious about the baraat not making it on time because the weather app predicted a rain shower post 8pm. I mean how would we have our pheras in open air on the beach if it started raining because my groom was late?!

*Mental note: He (fiancé) needs to get his act together.

Celebridey Highlights:

· Roller coaster feelings are completely normal

· Have a friend or family member, whose styling opinions you trust, with you while getting ready for your wedding

· Why are baraat’s always late?

· If I could get away with a 10 second drizzle before my wedding after licking the ‘kadhai’ endless times – it was worth it ;p

· Little tricks from your makeup artist can help your jewelry remain in place during your rituals

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