A Day In A Celebrity's Life

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

You want to know what led me to start my blog? Read on....

“We are glad to host a celebrity staying with us”, said the hotel staff at Hyatt. As to my astonishment, I was that celebrity they were referring to.

It was a perfectly pleasant winter afternoon on 31st December, when my husband, Arnav and I were checking into a hotel to spend our New Year eve at House-A. The hotel staff immediately recognized me as the famous internet bride and gave us special attention throughout our stay. Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra pampering, right?!

And that’s the first time it hit me - I’m a Celebridey!

I mean I sure did have people recognize me at parties and weddings as the famous internet bride but I didn’t realize how popular I had become until this day. And that’s what has led me to tell my bridal story through a blog.

As more eyes start glaring at me, I feel like I have a tiara on my head – which needs to be held high. That means I definitely can’t afford to topple over my saree in those uncomfortably high Jimmy Choo’s that we wear for hours with a dazzling smile. This struggle that we have to be all-perfect can be quite taxing - especially for a person as clumsy as me.

So my blog is not about being perfect like your social media handle, it’s about being the most gorgeous you by embracing your imperfections!

As you read on, you will realize that I am a bit like you, and a lot like myself!

Celebridey Highlights

· Enjoy every bit of that extra pampering you receive

· Even Jimmy Choo’s can ‘chew’ on your feet if worn for hours on end

· Embrace your imperfections

Stay tuned to get details on my first encounter with the blogging world...


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