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A Couture Experience

“Let’s try the Pink colored volume gown with deep V neck, we can cover the deep neck with a similar work pattern.” And just like that, Nikhil took another fine piece of fabric with intricate work and cut it into thin stripes. He started pinning them up in a way that it appeared as if the strips were beautiful twigs wrapping around the neckline. It was beautiful!

I walked into the a neat structured store of Shantanu and Nikhil that had marvelously laid out it’s garments in a very contemporary manner. The light fragrance of the store with two magnificent grey colored mannequins on the right hand side on entering the store had an immediate captivating effect on our senses. The duo have always had a very modernized approach to their line which is reflected in their voluminous gowns, revolutionized lehenga skirts and boldly draped saree gowns; always something unique to offer to their audience. In 2016, their collection in store was inspired by pastel hues. However, their habit of playing with textures, is what brings out the dramatic effects in their garments. It is one of the only stores where you will find sculpted skirts meeting with leather trims and embellishments very aesthetically. They also have a shelf of accessories custom made to compliment any garment in the store, giving Indian couture a very expressive landscape.

As I was busy running through the collection, Nikhil walked through the store with an aura of sunshine and scent from the latest Burberry collection. His charismatic energy started to fill up the entire store. And without wasting much time, we started with our discussion and trial session. We had a seat on the beige colored couch placed very artistically in the center of the store. He understood my style and my vision as easily as he sipped water from the mini Bisleri bottle. While two junior designers took notes and measurements, he started picking out outfits that would suit my body type and me.

The ensembles that he had selected for me allowed them to be silhouette centric, i.e. bell shaped and yet presented feminity draped in lush classicism. It romanticized modernity with a Victorian influence. I was in total awe in trying different outfits, some with leather trimmings, while few others with intricate details that emanated the grandeur of the gown with simplicity. Nikhil made me very comfortable and gave me very honest opinions about each of the outfits that I tried on. Almost immediately he knew what worked on me and what colors suited me. After our little experiment that made me feel like a supermodel (only shorter), it was time for me to try that gown that had my mind wrapped around it since days.

To be continued...

Celebridey Highlights:

· The fragrance of a store usually tends to define the aesthetics of the brand.

· Shantanu and Nikhil brand caters to every category from brides to bridesmaids and trousseau wear.

· It’s always a must visit store when looking for Indian wear with a twist.

· Nikhil Mehra is a dynamic magician (when it comes to Indian couture)

· Always try different outfits to understand what will define you

· The designers should always be honest with their clients

Get the updates on what went into creating the Gown that won million hearts, in my next post.

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