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I’m Samridhi, a 27 year old entrepreneur who has had the finest opportunity to work in the field of beauty right from the start of her career. I successfully run a cosmetic and laser skin clinic called Appleskin clinic with my sister in New Delhi.

I started my blog after the virality of my bridal pictures and the immense love and appreciation I received from every bride-to-be in India. I’m quite sure most of you have seen my picture's somehere atleast – maybe in a magazine, on the internet, in the newspaper, a meme, at a salon or even on billboards.

Yes, I reached all these places completely unintentionally due to which I couldn’t help but wonder whether all this fame was actually meant for me to inspire/influence millions out there?!

So why Accidental Celebridey?

I've always loved sharing my interests and experiences be it during my globe trotting ventures due to my love for travel or my knowledge of the aesthetic industry that I gained from Appleskin. I've always enjoyed playing with new trends, colours, patterns and textures and so Accidental Celebridey is my perception on bridal fashion and everything else that goes in the planning of being the most beautiful version of you on your big day! 


I couldn’t thank you all enough for all the appreciation I have received from everyone including magazines like Harper’s Bazaar wedding magazine and wedding vows to many blogging sites like popxo, wedding sutra, wedmegood, shaadisaga, and wedzo to name a few.


As for me I love coffee, desserts, bags, shoes, shades of pink, black eyeliner and lipsticks -- lipsticks can make anything look better! And oh boy, how can I forget, I now juggle between India and South Africa, which gives me and my style a whole new dimension and blend! I hope you enjoy my blog and the little glimpses of my life along the way to get to know me better and what made me a celebridey!

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About Samridhi Dhillon, blogger Accidental Celebridey
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